NOTE : RWF is a working farm - Therefore appointment times aren't guaranteed until approved!

Animal-Gram $75.00 Minimum

Can you imagine the LOOK on someone's face when a Llama shows up for their SPECIAL occasion!
Well now you don't have to!! You can make that happen. YES we will work with you to see that your animal of choice is there "dressed for the occasion".

We will hang out for about an hour so with the recipient offering interaction with their deliverer.

Llamas/Alpacas/Mini Calf/Mini Horses/Mini Donkeys/Giant Flemmish Rabbits/Blacknosed Sheep/Goats the choice is yours.

Our travel distance is around 30 miles, but if you are close to that, we will try to accommodate.

*Animals availability at particular times may vary.

Prices depend on distance and Animal(s) selected.

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