NOTE : RWF is a working farm - Therefore appointment times aren't guaranteed until approved!

Goat/Alpaca/Llama YOGA

2023 Goat Yoga Classes should start the week of April 10th. We will post the class schedule here and on our social media accounts when confirmed. 

What better way to relax your body and mind than with GOAT/LLAMA YOGA? We will provide a professional instructor to guide you through your Yoga Session as you are surrounded with the pitter patter of little hooves. Goats will sometimes join in the session, with moves of their own, which may include snuggles or an occasional jump on your back :) Don't be surprised too, if an Alpaca, Llama or two become curious and have to watch from close up. But don't worry they won't jump on your back. :)

The session will last about 45 minutes, allowing you time after to meet and greet all the critters involved in your session.

One time with Goat Yoga and we guarantee you will be BAAAAACK Again!!!

Prices may Vary depending on courses and participants.

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