NOTE : RWF is a working farm - Therefore appointment times aren't guaranteed until approved!

Comfort Visits - Sessions

The Benefits of the comfort of an animal are well documented.*

  1. Lowers Blood Pressure
  2. Reduces Fatigue
  3. Lifts Spirits and Lessens Depression
  4. Reduces Anxiety and Stress
  5. Decreases the Feeling of Isolation
  6. Calms and Relaxes

And Those are only a small sampling of the benefits.

We have experienced the benefits of the comfort of our animals first hand. It's difficult to describe but so much stress and life in general seems to fade away when spending time with them. 

A comfort Visit is just that. We will block an amount of time for you to spend one on one with one or all of our animals - to bond with them and feel for yourself how calming and relaxing it can be.

Can't make it to the farm? Reach out to us, we may be able to accommodate a visit to you.  

Prices Vary - dependent upon circumstances.

* Source Live Well with Unity Point Health  

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